Tuesday, May 25, 2010

End-of-School Year Memories

The 2009-2010 school year is complete! Ella finished 2nd grade with flying colors and Hannah Jane had an excellent Kindergarten year with her beloved teacher - Mrs. Thorne. We are so incredibly proud of their achievements and so grateful for the opportunity for them to attend such amazing schools here in Zachary.
I selected a few photos to highlight the end-of-year activities.

Hannah Jane danced in her dance studio's spring production - Alice in Wonderland. She was a garden sprite. It was an adorable, performance - very creatively done by her instructor - Laura Peterson.

I absolutely love the way she smiles when she's wearing lipstick. The flowers are from her adoring fans.

The piano recital was a fun event, because both Ella & Hannah Jane were participating. I use the word fun very loosely because it was a very long night. Trying to keep Maggie seated quietly for the entire 3 hrs nearly caused Cory and I to lose our minds. Ella played "Yellow Rose in Texas." Hannah Jane played "Matchmaker." We did video their performances but I can't seem to get it to upload on our blog. Moving on for the sake of time . . .

Hannah Jane's class went on a field trip to New Orleans. They chartered a bus and made a day of it! I was able to leave Maggie with a friend and join in on the fun! We went to the N.O. Audubon Zoo and to the Insectarium. It was a really awesome field trip! When I asked Hannah Jane what her favorite part of the trip was she said "watching movies on the bus." God love her!

At the Insectarium Hannah Jane and I tasted chocolate-covered crickets!! A little chewy for me.

The best part of the trip!

Hannah Jane with her best buddy Whitney in front of the elephant fountains at the zoo.

The best Kindergarten teacher ever - Janet Thorne. This picture was made in the butterfly garden.

For Ella, the end of the school year ushered in her first softball season. What a walk down memory lane it was for me. She started practices just as the school year ended and she improved her game in every way. It was a machine pitch league, but she played the defensive position of pitcher. Her team colors were purple and gold and the girls named themselves The Tigers. Their team didn't have the best record, but a snack at the end of the game was always the cure for a disappointing loss.

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