Sunday, December 18, 2011


So much to be thankful for...

This year it was just our little family together in our home for Thanksgiving.  Just the 6 of us in Wildwood, MO on Powders Mill Lane.  I was a little disappointed at first not to have my parents coming and not to be getting together with another family, but in the end the celebration was just perfect.  I wasn't stressed out like I can tend to be and I think we all enjoyed carrying out our own traditions.

The girls dressed up as a Pioneer Girl, a Pilgrim Girl, and a Native American (Pocahontas).  Jack had a festive shirt on as well and the girls attempted to give him a turkey costume.  Ha!

Ella decorated the table beautifully...

And created a lovely menu...

Cory cooked and carved another tender and moist turkey!  (Thanks to cajun butter injections).

We wrote down what we were thankful for on cut out leaves and placed them in a basket.  After our meal, we passed the basket around and took turns reading the things we were thankful for one at a time.  It was a lot of fun!

I even had a bakery make some very special egg-free cupcakes for Hannah Jane.  We all enjoyed them!

We are truly blessed and the day ended with such a sense of true Thanksgiving.     
We give thanks to our God from whom ALL blessings flow.  

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