Monday, November 2, 2009

Louisana Fall

Fall in southern Louisiana has been unlike any other I've experienced. It is the first week in November and the highs are in the 70's and the lows are in the 50's. It feels like September. It's actually really nice. Mom was in town last week while Cory was out of town. The girls and I thoroughly enjoyed having her. We were all spoiled by Nana aka "Nonny" as dubbed by Maggie. While mom was visiting we went to a pumpkin patch in St. Francisville and had a true farm experience. There were animals that the girls got to pet and we picked pumpkins from the field. We also got to feed the cows! It was quite an experience. I have never been so close to real cows in my life. We all loved it! Our Halloween weekend was so fun. Cory and I had supper club Friday night and I had gumbo for the first time. I learned that some areas of southern LA put potato salad in their gumbo. I tried it and it was quite yummy. I would love to learn to make a good gumbo before we leave LA. Then Sat. evening we went to a neighbors' house for a pre-trick or treating party. The girls and I went around the neighborhood to collect candy. I was wishing for a golf cart like many of our neighbors have. Cory stayed at our house to hand out candy. I pulled Maggie in the wagon the entire night and she dared the older girls to try to take her spot. She was so funny. I especially loved it when she would walk right up to the door and proudly announce "Here comes the clown." Hannah Jane dressed as Little Red Riding Hood and Ella was a glamorous movie star.

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