Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The "T" List

Things the Thompsons' are thankful for:
(to be added to over the next few days leading up to Thanksgiving 2009)
-70 degree weather at Thanksgiving
-a 2 yr old that still naps (most days)
- the feta and pesto torte that is in my freezer - yum!
-Cory's job
-the joy of sisterhood
-the safe arrival of Mom and Dad
-no major travel delays
-mom's homemade potpouri simmering on my stove
-pumpkin pecan pies - one to give away, one to keep
-Ashley's grandmother's egg-free spice cake recipe
-no wait at Hannah Jane's allergist appointment
-that Ella was not seriously hurt when she fell off of Tana on the trail ride today
-fresh oranges from the Frasiers
-Mr. James and his daughter Faye
-Winn Dixie's thawed and ready to cook turkeys
-the anticipation of Thanksgiving day
-the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade
- Cory taking over the project of preparing and cooking the turkey
- my family and being healthy
-my Lord and savior Jesus Christ
-God's grace
-a wonderful meal
-having my dad at another Thanksgiving
-help cleaning up after dinner
-my amazing husband

Hannah Jane:

-my friends and family

Nana:Retirement from 33 years of school teaching! My teacher's pension! God's best gift: His Son, Jesus Christ. Our amazing children and grandchildren - The Thompson Family!

My amazing family, my country and freedom, our soldiers who sacrifice and fight to keep our freedoms, my work, my health and my time with my very favorite grandchildren: Ella, Hannah Jane and Maggie in Louisiana for Thanksgiving 2009, daughter Emily and son-in-law Cory.

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  1. Thankful for you my dear friend...thanks for the card...it made my day! Happy Thanksgiving!! :)