Sunday, August 8, 2010

Summer in N.C.

My mom flew down to Baton Rouge to spend a week with us at the end of June. We timed it so that she could spend some time with us in Louisiana and then ride back up with us to NC for an extended trip that we had planned for the summer. I so appreciated not having to make the long drive up by myself. We made a few stops on the way to break up the 14 1/2 hr drive.
The first day we drove to Atlanta and spent the night with my cousin Meg. She recently moved to Atlanta from Raleigh and she kindly opened her apartment to us. It was like a big sleepover. The girls were on their sleeping bags, mom slept in Meg's bed and Meg and I crashed in the living room - she on the couch and me on an air mattress. It was so nice to have a place to stay and I really enjoyed the opportunity to catch up with her, which we don't do often enough.
The next morning we drove on to Charlotte, NC to spend the night with my grandparents - aka - Gran-Gran and Grandmother. It was a really nice visit. My grandfather has Alzheimers and each visit  with him I count as a blessing. He was doing so well while we were there. I think the little girls bring out the very best in him. Maggie was completely enamored with him. This picture says it all. The look on her face is priceless.

The girls did all of their favorite things to do while visiting Gran-Gran and Grandmother. They held and played with several of the dolls in Grandmother's doll collection, ate shrimp at the fish camp, picked out candy at the candy store, helped Gran-Gran fill the bird feeders and bird baths, and played on the church playground down the street. Maggie had my sweet grandfather (85 yrs old) giving her under-doggy style pushes on the swings.

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