Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Maggie's latest thing is to wear a set of wings around the house. She at almost 2 1/2 loves to get dressed up just as her big sisters did at about this same age. And they - Ella and Hannah Jane - enjoy dressing her up. Interestingly enough, she is particularly drawn towards the wings. We have collected several sets over the years and she likes to have on either the butterfly wings, ladybug wings or fairy wings as often as possible these days. Also, when she gets all dressed up in a princess dress, gloves, dress-up shoes, jewelry, a tiara and wings of course she gets this look on her face. Cory and I recognize it well because it's the same look that the other 2 girls had on their faces when in full dress up mode. It's kind of this sweet little demure look that says "I know I look beautiful." It is a priceless expression. Although I didn't capture the expression, I did get a picture of her with her wings on this morning.

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