Saturday, August 22, 2009

Every summer around this time, a day will come along and catch you by surprise. In the midst of the heat and humidity, you notice something changing. It isn't quite visible and barely palpable. The feeling is very subtle, and comes from a slight change in the sun's angle at the end of the day or something about the way the sky looks at sunset. It's a gentle reminder that the summer cannot last forever and soon will give way to autumn. Today was that day for me.

The days are getting shorter, and there's a little sadness in that moment, but anticipation as well--football, the chill in the air (or for Louisiana, temps back in the 70s), the changing of the season--and the moment passes with the awareness that another summer comes to a close.

The summer of 2009--out first in Louisiana--has been great. We had lots of fun and sweated like we've never sweated before. The girls are becoming acclimated to school and we have been here for over six months now. It feels like we live here.

We are looking forward to seeing our families next weekend at my sister's wedding, and to the onset of a warmer than usual (for us) fall season. Here's to what's left of the summer of 2009.

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