Sunday, August 2, 2009

This is my very first entry on our new family blog! Wow! I am not just thinking about writing a blog for our family, I am finally doing it, and I am doing so I think, for a few reasons.
First of all, if I'm being completely honest, it is because some of my other friends are creating blogs. I being somewhat competitive don't want to miss out on something that seems like a fun, memorable thing to do.
Secondly, I want to chronicle our sweet girls' lives and have given up on scrapbooking for now due to a serious lack of free time. I feel that blogging will allow me to record the funny and memorable things that the kids do and say when I'm able to - you know in the nooks and crannies of my day? With blogging there's no draggin' out scrapbook parafanalia and setting it all out. I used to spend hours on the layout of the pages, adding cute details only to get burned out and journal a few comments about the pictures before cleaning everything up and putting it all away. I may be wrong but I think that this blog will help me stay focused on the most important part - the journaling. I have to chuckle to myself, however, because I've already spent hours just looking at sites that offer free backgrounds, headers and blinkies as well as trying to figure out how to cut and paste pictures to the blog and deciding on which pictures to use. Not to mention all the time I spent trying to think of just the right cute, catchy name for our blog. I settled on "The Sweet T's" with Cory's help. (I must say he was only somewhat helpful for he did not share my enthusiasm in finding just the right title for our blog). Anyway, since we have 3 sweet little girls and we are from the south where sweet tea is a staple we felt this name fit appropriately.
Thirdly, we live away from our precious family in NC. I hope that this will become a place where they can go and read our daily/weekly/I hope more than monthly entires and feel more connected to us.

While on the eliptical machine last week, I was watching CMT and saw a video by Trace Adkins called "Then They Do." It's all about how we rush our kids lives' along, wishing they would grow out of the stages in which they demand so much of our time and energy and then they do. I was boo-hooing on that machine by the time the video was over. Fortunately, the lady next to me was tearing up as well. For we as moms and dads all know that the time with our children is precious and the days will fly by, but in the midst of the day to day routine, we forget this. Sometimes we wish the morning away, the evening away, the day away, the week away. I don't want to look back on this time with our girls and feel I didn't embrace all the moments as much as I should have. I'm sure you understand . . .

I dedicate this blog to Ella, Hannah Jane and Maggie - may it be an honest record of the good, bad and ugly events in the life of The Thompson Family.

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